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Pool Leagues

Ready to win big? At 8 Ball we host official ACA, BCA, and Shaffer leagues.  Compete for prizes, prestige, and fame at our league games and move your way to the top.


We offer many choices when it comes to pool leagues.


Only in the APA Pool League can you find the Equalizer Handicap System. The Equalizer system lets you compete against any skill level regardless of your own. No matter if you are a beginner or a pool shark – everyone has an even playing field in the APA Pool League.

This also means that everyone has an equal chance at winning a piece of over $1.5 MILLION at one of our national tournaments. Our tournaments are world famous – in fact they are the Largest in the World according to Guinness World Records.


In 2010 The BCA Pool League (BCAPL) is entering its 34th year. Mark Griffin, CEO of CueSports International (CSI), purchased the league from the Billiard Congress of America in 2004. The league has 450+ sanctioned leagues across North America and throughout the world. The BCAPL is known to be a league organized by players for players and attracts players of all experience levels, from beginner to advanced. Most notably the BCAPL hosts what has been called “The Greatest Pool Tournament in the World”, the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships every May in Las Vegas, Nevada. The national event has over 22 divisions including singles, teams, and scotch doubles ranging from open to grand master levels. In its firm commitment to offer opportunities to players of all capabilities, CSI produces BCAPL regional and state championships for its league members. Open to all players, CSI also produces the following highly regarded independent events: the Jay Swanson Memorial, the U.S. Bar Table Championships and the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship.

Founded in 1988, Shaffer Entertainment is the industry leader in supplying, developing and promoting on-location entertainment products and innovations. At Shaffer, we pride ourselves on being the leader in game technologies and operational functions.


We are consistently rated #1 by our location partners when it comes to service quality and response time. We’re #1 in tavern promotional activity and promotional expenditures. We are #1 in leagues with well over 500 active teams, and we’re #1 in average gross game collections. We’re #1 because you make us that way through successful promotions.

A distinct advantage that helps us stay at the leading edge of the coin-op industry is our sister company, Shaffer Distributing. Established in 1929 The ShafferDistributing Company is the oldest independently owned vending distributorship in the country with current operations across Eastern and Midwest states. As a full-service distributorship, Shaffer Distributing offers product support specialists and a comprehensive inventory of equipment and certified parts. Our combined resources bring you the latest interactive technologies, service solutions, and innovative promotions.

Purpose Statement:

Our purpose is to supply, support and promote interactive music and game technologies to qualified on site location partners in order to attract, develop, and engage willing individual player participants through a common entertaining action (playability of the game or music device) in order to create and enhance: location community, location fun-filled and competitive activities and increase overall, long-term location profitability.

Position Statement:

Shaffer Entertainment is the only coin operating company in the country who recognizes, understands and is committed to its primary role as an in-tavern entertainment promoter, which develops and engages a proven system of promotional enhancements that when properly employed through the combination of interactive game and music devices and active on site location partners, creates common actions of enjoyment, a community centered around the retention of fun and friendly competition and long-term location profitability.

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